Daniel Martin Varisco

President, American Institute for Yemeni Studies

Research Professor, Qatar University

email: webshaykh@tabsir.net
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Major Posts

11/11/11 (11/11/11)

5,000 Years and Counting, but which way? (5/17/12)

Ablution Pollution (1/8/11)

About that Surge (2/25/08)

Addicted to Oil: President Tells it Like it Is (2/1/06)

AhmadineBush (7/13/09)

Airing out on Area Studies: Confessions of a Middle East Area Specialist (8/13/13)

Ali Abdullah Salih and Yogi Berra (6/5/11)

Ali Abdullah Sali: Not Invincible, not Invisible (9/2/12)

Ali Abdullah Salih: Time will tell (9/30/11)

All Eyes on Egypt (1/29/11)

All Eyes on Tripoli (8/22/11)

America at Risk! (9/21/11)

An American Treaty on Religion (7/4/11)

And now, a special message from God (via Hume) (8/30/11)

And the Game Goes On in Yemen (2/24/12)

And the winner is? (6/18/12)

Another Blow for the Horn of Africa (12/26/06)

Ansar al-Sharia on the Ropes? (6/12/12)

Antebellum and Our Civil Bellyache (11/28/07)

Anthropo covertus: A Disputed Species (10/5/07)

Apocalypse Watch: And it's God Awful (8/6/07)

Apostasy in Islam (12/16/07)

April through March Fools (4/3/09)

Arabia, A Poem from 1815 (11/18/07)

Art not for art's sake (5/19/13)

Babel: A New Post-occupation Translation (1/2/12)

Ba’d kharab Tripoli (8/23/11)

The Baraka 500 (4/23/10)

Be careful what you pray for (8/12/11)

The Beast of the East (11/26/11)

Below the Arab Spring (6/23/12)

Beyond Allahu Akbar: WWMD, WWJD, WWYD (9/22/12)

Bin Laden: Another Sequel (9/8/07)

Bin Who? Bin Laden? (12/5/10)

Bipolar Religion (6/8/13)

Black Friday through Black Thursday Over and Over Again (11/23/12)

Blackwater vs. Backwater (9/27/07)

Blame it on Lady Gaga (4/1/10)

Body Politics: Muhammad and Middleton (9/26/12)

Bombs Away (8/6/06)

Brotherhood, Brotherly Hate, Brotherly Love (12/27/14)

Bulldozing the [Arti]Facts (9/13/07)

Buried Texts Recovered: An American Consul goes to Bethlehem, 1 (12/25/10)

Buried Texts Recovered: An American Consul goes to Bethlehem, 2 (12/29/10)

Buried Texts Recovered: An American Consulin the Holy Land (12/24/10)

Burning Bodies, Burning Bridges (10/23/05)

Burqa Avenger (11/11/13)

Camping Out for the Rapture (10/25/11)

Can't Win for Losing (8/14/06)

Chilling Prospects for the Arab Spring (11/17/13)

Cinematic Contending with the Companions (8/15/12)

Comment peut-on être Persan? (7/12/12)

Consuming halal or letting halal consume you 8/6/12

Covering Afghanistan (7/31/10)

Crisis Hopping (5/27/11)

Damned to be Devout (4/28/13)

Darwin at 200 (2/12/09)

David vs Goliath, the IDF vs Hamas (1/2/09)

Daydreams and Arabian Nights (3/27/09)

Death at the Mosque (8/23/13)

Deep Purple for your Hijab (5/28/13)

Déjà Voodoo (11/23/07)

Delta Farce: Jihad in Somalia? (4/29/07)

dilly dally, ya Ali (5/22/11)

Disproportional Suffering (1/25/09)

Divide and Think You Conquer (5/3/07)

Doha Déjà Vu (12/25/12)

A dowdy pundit and an easy target (8/6/13)

Do We Care? (8/15/13)

Down the wrong chimney (12/11/08)

Drone Strikes (2/7/13)

Of Drones and Reporting (12/14/13)

Dro[w]ning life, liberty and the pursuit of not being targeted (3/10/13)

Earth-shaking cleavage (4/28/10)

Economisstep 8/22/10

Eden is Lost (7/17/07)

Egypt Erupts (8/14/13)

An End to Creationism (5/29/12)

Enough! Damn this continued violence (9/23/13)

Entitled to consideration and respect (1/15/09)

Exodus Redux (1/23/08)

Facebook vs. the Holy Book (5/20/10)

Faces of the Fallen (5/8/07)

Fascination with Fez (8/25/07)

Fat Chance Fatwas (6/13/07)

Fear of Mosques (9/27/07)

Flipping through Yemen a Millennium Ago (5/21/09)

For Lust of Reading (7/11/07)

For the Love of Jesus (3/16/12)

Forever counting down (8/22/12)

The Fortress of Saone and Salah al-Din, 1 (7/1/09)

The Fortress of Saone and Salah al-Din, 2 (7/13/09)

For Whom the Toll Rings a Bell (8/11/06)

The Forbidden Fruit of the Iraq War (5/29/07)

The Full Palestinian Experience (12/9/12)

Gaddafi: odd and daffy to the end (2/25/11)

Game changer? Game on? (6/14/13)

Gangs of Thugs (3/27/08)

The Gates of Gaza (6/15/07)

Gaza, and Bibi hath Slain (8/1/14)

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble: How Bad Can It Get? (11/26/06)

God is my co-sniper (1/22/10)

Going (after) Muslim (11/18/09)

Going for Broke (read "Provoke") (8/17/13)

Gone to Pottery Barn (12/8/06)

Googling the End of the World (5/8/12)

GQ not for Osama’s HQ (1/18/06)

Grease Monkeys and Bedouin Girls (1/6/11)

Guns and Bibles (5/5/09)

Guns don't kill, neither do guns die (1/13/11)

Hamas and Ibn Khaldun: Going for the Cycle? (5/14/07)

The Haram of Boko Haram (5/8/14)

The haram that is not sacred (11/6/11)

Hariri Lives on in Lebanon (6/12/09)

Harun's Houris (3/27/13)

Hate the One Your With (2/22/06)

Hate, Times Squared (5/6/10)

“Hath Slain His Thousands” (10/13/06)

Have Felix, will travel (8/17/08)

Hawks before the War on Terror (1/6/14)

Healing Herbs in Yemen (9/23/09)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye (10/12/07)

Headlines, Heads Turn, Heads Roll (1/30/06)

Hell is not in the Hereafter (1/25/15)

Hell to Pay? (7/30/12)

Hezbillies (7/1/13)

High Heels, Cucumbers and Fat-Chance Fatwas (12/9/11)

Hijab, Raw Meat and Catnip (10/28/06)

Hillbilly Heaven and Muslim Paradise (1/18/08)

History Channeling "The Bible" (3/3/13)

History repeats itself: The case of Egypt (4/23/11)

Holy War over Papal Bull (9/15/06)

Homeland Security in Wolves' Clothing (10/11/06)

Horn Talk in Lamu (6/1/10)

Hosni Mubarak and Don Giovanni (2/11/11)

Hostages and the Yemeni Crisis (11/15/11)

How much more blodd to be spilled? (5/27/12)

How Pundits Fuel Nonsense (10/10/06)

How Safe is Home (3/25/12)

How to protest peacefully (5/28/11)

Human Waist (11/14/05)

Ibn Abi Bakr al-Azraq on Massage Oils: #1 6/29/10)

Iconoclasm again (6/22/12)

If the Devil is in the Details, the Winner Is (11/5/12)

If Lincoln Had Seen “Aladdin” (4/14/08)

If only Abraham had known … (2/1/10)

If Salih read the Qur’an (4/17/11)

If a young [Arab] man wants sex (9/14/11)

If your name is Khan… (3/9/10)

If war is still hell, does that mean it no longer exists? 10/16/10

Ignorance is no Excuse (11/1/09)

Imagine a world without football (11/13/07)

The Influence of Edward W. Said (12/23/09)

In God We Strut (7/30/06)

In Iraq, Mourning Has Broken on a Bridge to the Past (9/5/05)

Innocent with no chance to be proven guilty (10/11/07)

International Women's Day (3/18/12)

Introducing “Reading Orientalism” (6/22/08)

iOrientalism: Fooling around with Arab princesses (2/8/13)

An Iraqi Diplomat (6/14/07)

Irrational Monologue vs. National Dialogue in Yemen (7/21/13)

Is 4 million enough to get the point? (9/24/11)

Is ISIS Here to Stay (8/10/14)

Is It Over Over There? (12/15/12)

Is There a Middle East? (5/9/06)

Is there one “Islam” or many “islams”? (9/3/10)

Is this the last dance for Ali? (5/25/11)

ISIS at Risk (11/15/14)

Islam Obscured (7/31/06)

Islamic Folk Astronomy #1 (1/30/10)

Islamic Folk Astronomy #2 (2/4/10)

Islamic Folk Astronomy #3 (2/16/10)

Islamic Folk Astronomy #4 (3/4/10)

Islamic Folk Astronomy #5 (4/8/10)

Islamophobia 101, A call to analyse (4/2/09)

Islamophobia and MisIslamothropes (4/13/09)

"It sure would be nice to have a drone up there" (4/20/13)

Jihad for Jesus? (3/30/10)

Journaling on, but why? (5/25/13)

Keeping Track of Camels (3/21/13)

Killing Time (11/25/08)

Lament for a Dead Camel (1/1/15)

Last Day in Lamu (6/6/10)

The Last Halloween Remake in Amman (11/13/05)

Letters of an Egyptian Kafir (5/6/07)

Let's Play Spot the Muslim 10/24/10

Like a Virgin, but not for the very first time (12/10/09)

Lithographica Arabica 1 (12/23/08)

Loving Yemen (12/6/10)

Mahdi as Hell: Look out Darwin (7/18/07)

Make love and make war? (9/21/13)

Making “Medieval” Islam Meaningful (5/30/08)

Malala and Malevolence (10/16/12)

A Man, A Sign, a War (12/2/07)

Mahdi Madness and the 2008 Election (5/20/08)

Mahdi Madness Comes to Mali (1/20/13)

Map Happy for Jesus (12/6/06)

May Day, May Day (5/1/07)

Mayans and Mahdis: No End in Hindsight (12/21/12)

McGuffey Speaks to Abramoff (1/8/06)

A "Mental" Lapse for David Brooks (7/6/13)

Michele Bachmann, VIP 7/20/12

Miniskirting the Issue (3/18/12)

The Mischief of ISIS (7/7/14)

Of Missile Strikes and Moros (9/15/13)

Mob Rule on a Featherbed (9/1/06)

Mocha Musings #1: Mecca and Arabia (2/12/10)

Moderate but Islamist (7/13/12)

The Morale of the Moral Animal (12/25/12)

More of the Shame of al-Sham (1/11/13)

More than just (a) war (12/11/09)

Mormons in Marib (4/18/14)

Morsi: The Arab World's Wannabe Mugabe (8/10/13)

Much Ado about Something Rotten in Denmark (4/7/06)

Mullah Atari (4/20/08)

Mumbai and the Blame Game (11/29/08)

The Muslim Problem (9/15/12)

Muslims of Color (9/2/11)

Muslims on the American Landscape (2/26/08)

Naked and with Shame (3/15/06)

Names of the Dead (4/18/07)

Napoleon Tried It; He Failed (4/12/07)

A New Emir for Qatar (6/26/13)

New Website on Islamophobia in the 2008 Election (8/10/08)

Newsweak (9/17/12)

Niqab and the Social Contract (8/28/08)

A “no fly” in the ointment (3/18/11)

No food for thought (7/12/11)

No more abuse (8/30/13)

No Olive Branch in Gaza (12/3/12)

Noah and the Muslim Brotherhood (5/3/14)

Not so Fast (8/4/13)

Not So Swift Boat Apostasy (5/13/08)

Not Knowing the Enemy (10/18/06)

The Obama Blame Game (8/16/10)

Observations on the Baboons in the Garden of the “Bostan” Restaurant (1) (1/14/08)

Observations on the Baboons in the Garden of the “Bostan” Restaurant (2) (1/14/08)

On Colonels, pantyhose and honor killings (5/2/10)

On the beauty of late medieval florilegium (1/2/13)

On the Eve of Modernity (7/31/06)

On God and Obama: When Wright is Wrong (7/15/09)

On the honor of being dissed (3/20/10)

On Pharaohs, Pundits and Scholars (7/20/13)

On Yemen (and some a bit off) (1/19/10)

One for the record books (6/13/11)

Opening the Quran (3/13)

Orientalism's Wake (9/16/09)

Orientalist Cheesecake (11/12/12)

Orientalism and Bibliolatry:
Framing the Holy Land in 19th Century Protestant Bible Customs Texts

Otto-mania (12/24/14)

Out on an Amputated Limb (11/5/07)

Patriots Act While Politicians Talk (12/20/05)

Payback for No Pay (7/9/10)

The Peace Push and Shove (10/19/11)

Père Etienne Renaud: In Memoriam, 1 (9/2/13)

The Pew Poll on American Muslims (6/1/07)

The Picture (12/21/12)

Picturing the Exodus (1/26/09)

Pizza my Mind (11/20/10)

A plot against all the Yemen people (9/19/11)

Plot of the Day (10/12/11)

The Politics of Ramadan (9/1/11)

Pornographic War Gazing: Why We Don’t Look Away (4/16/11)

Poster Orientalism (5/31/13)

Poster War on the New York Subway (10/8/12)

Prince of Peace, Prince of War (12/25/13)

The Problem with “Fundamentalism” (2/29/08)

The Prophet’s Medicine: Part One (6/26/07)

The Prophet’s Medicine: Part Two (7/5/07)

Punditry: Pandering or Pondering? (7/26/13)

A Quiet Revolution in Algeria? (5/27/07)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives (8/25/12)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives, 2 (8/26/12)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives, 3 (8/27/12)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives, 4 (8/28/12)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives, 5 (8/29/12)

The Quran as a Great Book: Muslim Perspcctives, 6 (8/30/12)

Racing from Dubai to Tripoli (3/28/11)

Ramadan: Slow not fast justice (3/18/10)

Rape and the Gender Gap (3/8/13)

Raw Footage (1/26/08)

Reading Orientalism on Rorotoko (4/4/09)

The Real War on Women (5/1/12)

Rediscovering the Uncovering of King Tut (12/10/10)

Reflections on Fieldwork in Yemen (4/7/07)

A Reporter’s Shiite, but a Historian’s Shi’a (11/18/05)

Reporting Suicide is Not Painless (10/12/05)

Reporting the Golf between Us (10/15/07)

Resolving the New Year (12/31/09)

Revealing the News 8/20/12

Reviewing the Review (8/26/09)

The Riya-lity of Power (1/31/14)

The Right Barnamaj for Egypt (6/22/13)

Rizpah and the Politics of Vengeance (1/5/09)

The Road to Damascus (6/26/12)

Romney up against the wall 7/31/12

Route 666 to Armageddon (12/4/14)

Rummy Cute (12/3/06)

A Sad Tale of Two Cities (11/10/05)

Salih and Groucho: “Hello, I must be going” (10/9/11)

Sanity through Inanity (10/31/10

Satanic or Silly: Does Yale Press Censorship of Cartoons Insult Muslims? (9/18/09)

The Science of Hatred (11/25/13)

Self-Inflicted Wounds (12/22/12)

Sharing our Values (3/26/12)

Shock Value and nothing to snore about (11/3/13)

Sic gloria mundi transit (10/21/11)

Six Biblical Days of War (6/4/07)

Slam Drunk Fascism:Coming to a Campus Near You (8/29/07)

Smiting Pat Robertson for Spiting Ariel Sharon (1/6/06)

Smoke Rises in the Middle East (7/19/09)

So if it's not about religion (3/8/08)

Sociology or Anthropology? What’s the Difference? (10/2/07)

Spam, Spam and more Spam (but from Yemen?) 6/6/14

Speaking of Veiling (10/29/06)

Sponge Bob in Winterland (2/26/14)

Springtime for Osama (7/30/07)

Still no Irhal for Ali (8/15/11)

The State of Agriculture in Late 13th Century Rasulid Yemen (8/13/11)

The State of Agriculture in Late 13th Century Rasulid Yemen, #2 (8/14/11)

The State of Agriculture in Late 13th Century Rasulid Yemen, 3 (8/16/11)

The State of Agriculture in Late 13th Century Rasulid Yemen, 4 (8/17/11)

The State of Agriculture in Late 13th Century Rasulid Yemen, 5 (9/5/11)

Still in a Pretty Pass... (1/1/11)

Streaming Revolution, Screaming Revolution (2/5/11)

That Settles It (12/1/12)

Suffer the Little Children (12/19/12)

The Sunni Triangle: Where is Square One? (12/21/06)

The surge be praised but pass the ammunition (9/29/08)

Tahrir: Take 2 (7/2/13)

A Tale of Two Trucks (1/3/15)

Tea Party A[O]bom[a]inations (4/18/09)

That Next Quran Term Paper (10/27/06)

This is Not an Easter Egg (4/8/07)

Timbuktu too . . .(6/30/12)

To Sing or to Sin? Is that the Question? (2/16/08)

A Tale of Three Coups (7/4/13)

A Tale of Two Brothers (2/17/12)

Terrorist Pumbers and Texas (12/18/14)

They died with their sandals on (5/6/14)

A third of a century and counting… (10/5/11)

Those Priceless Sumerians (2/10/13)

Thought Police: What were they thinking? (10/4/13)

To hell with Bin Laden? (5/3/11)

Tom Friedman (not Tom Sawyer) Abroad in Yemen (5/9/13)

Too Handsome for Saudi Arabia (4/26/13)

Tracing the History of Qat (7/4/09)

The Tragedy that is Egypt Today (8/16/13)

Travels with Ibn al-Mujabbir #1 (1710/12)

Travels with Ibn al-Mujabbir #2 (7/11/12)

Travels with Ibn al-Mujabbir #3 (7/16/12)

Travels with Ibn al-Mujabbir #4 7/21/12

Trial by Ordeal (10/21/05)

Trillion Dollar Baby (11/14/07)

Truth, Troops, Tooth and Clausewitz (1/9/08)

Tuning into Tunisia (1/22/11)

Turning a New Page in an Old Book (12/11/12)

Unbrotherly Brotherhood, Undemocratic Military (9/5/13)

Unequally Yoked is no Joke (10/30/12)

Varisco on WBEZ (3/27/12)

Vote but don’t drive (9/28/11)

Votes that count ... this time in Egypt (6/23/12)

The Wacky Wiki Leaks (11/29/10)

Want to Watch My Harem? (11/15/07)

War is still hell (8/28/13)

War Dead and the Wall (5/26/14)

Water Scarcity in Yemen (8/24/08)

Welcome to America (12/27/11)

What does topless topple? (3/25/14)

What is There to Study? (1/31/08)

What Krauthammer is Missing (6/14/08)

What (who) drives Muslim women (7/3/12)

What Would Jesus Ride (1/5/06)

What Make's a Muslim Laugh? (11/20/07)

What’s Good for Judas is Worth a Gander (2/23/06)

When Kidnapping is Not International Terrorism (1/3/06)

When Will Chemical Ali Bite the Dust? (10/20/07)

We're Not All Orientalists Now (1/9/06)

When the Fat Lady Sings (5/10/09)

Where are the Moderates? (12/8/07)

Where are We Beheading? (10/6/06)

Where is the salam dunk? (6/20/12)

Who was (fill in the prophet)? (12/15/12)

Who’s a Muslim Heretic? (3/30/08)

Whose body is it anyway? (4/6/13)

The Whistle Blower Stops Here (11/3/06)

Why are the Gods absent? (8/19/11)

Why Minarets? (11/29/09)

With Kitto Illustrating Bible History (1/14/10)

With Ratzel in North Africa (2/24/08)

The World’s Top Intellectual is … (8/19/08)

Worth a Response: Why Yemen is not Afghanistan 7/14/10

Wrong Flag, Mr. Speaker (11/17/05)

WWJD after a Touchdown (9/30/14)

Yemen after Ali Abdullah Salih (4/24/11)

Yemen Bashing Needs a Reality Check (12/22/05)

The Yemen Elections: No Surprises (2/22/12)

Yemen from Janna to Jahannam (5/24/14)

Yemen is not a Terrorist Factory (11/9/10)

Yemen is not Tunisia, not Egypt (2/1/11)

Yemeni Federalism: The Fix is Six (2/11/14)

Yemeni woman shares Nobel Peace Prize (10/7/11)

Yet More Change in Arabia (1/23/15)

You’ve Gotta Be Al-Qaiding Me (12/11/07)

The Zero/Sum Game and Israel (11/13/11)