Insight on Islam and the Middle East


• We are scholars concerned about stereotypes, misinformation and propaganda spread in the media and academic forums on Islam and the Middle East.

• We are committed to fair, open-ended scholarly assessment of the current political issues of terrorism, gender inequality and intolerance.

• We encourage informed debate rather than partisan posturing on all issues.

• We believe in active involvement as public intellectuals communicating the best of available research.

Tabsir provides an online resource and archive for students and teachers (click here for more information).

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In Arabic tabsîr means knowledge (ta‘rîf) and clarification (îdâh).

One who has insight of knowlege thereby knows it.

[The Arabic text above is taken from Lisân al-‘Arab by Ibn Manzûr (died 711 A. H./1311 C.E.).]